Pioneering ATM Technologies at Singapore AIR Lab

Starting as a collaboration between CAAS and Thales, the goal of AIR Lab is to innovate in the Air Traffic Management domain using advanced and open technologies.

At the AIR Lab, proofs of concepts are developed to enhance Air Traffic Controllers workflow by leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Agile methodology is leveraged, to ensure AIR Labs Proofs of Concepts respond to end-user preferences, and highly valuable features are developed rapidly. One example of Proof of Concept developed at the AIR Lab is the Digital Air Traffic Controller, using Machine Learning generated services to provide Air traffic Controllers assistance in complex and busy environments.

One key enabler in order to support CAAS and improve global ATM system efficiency, innovation, and resiliency, is the development of an open ATM System Architecture. Public APIs are used for external parties to easily integrate their own technological products on AIR Labs open ATM Platform.

By employing an Open ATM System Architecture, the AIR Lab allows for a collaborative ecosystem of local talents, and builds partnerships with groups of start-ups, universities, and developers to create synergistic collaborations.  

AIR Labs latest key Proofs of Concept is the ATM Twin. It aims at virtually mirroring an entire ATM system, creating a digital Twin. The Twin is designed to help Air Traffic Controllers innovate safely, engage in what-if possibilities, and optimize their workflow. Air Traffic Information can be displayed on any Human Machine Interface, if it complies with AIR Labs open ATM APIs.

 And this is only the beginning of AIR Labs journey in advancing the future of ATM and achieving excellence in ATM operations.

Come and join us on this journey!

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