Enhancing ATM Using Advanced And Open Technologies

At AIR Lab, we are studying how advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help address the challenges and complexity of managing increasingly congested skies. 

Main research areas

Open Innovation

Facilitated by our Open APIs, collaboration with local and international Startups, Research Institutes, and Universities is at the core of AIR Lab’s identity.

Open, Safe and Secure

We adopt an Open Technology approach with a focus on managing Safety and Security constraints.

Machine Learning

Providing Air traffic Controllers assistance in complex and busy environments, while maintaining the utmost levels of safety and efficiency. 


Identify future solutions that address environmental concerns (e.g. CO2 emissions reduction), by researching and prototyping optimisations, leveraging Trajectory-Based Operations (TBO), and Green Departure and Arrival procedures.

Developing World’s First ATM Twin

The ATM Twin is designed as an enabler for faster and safer innovation in Air Traffic Management. By virtually mirroring an entire ATM system, Air Traffic Controllers can engage in what-if possibilities and optimize their workflow. Thanks to our Open ATM Architecture, the ATM Twin can display Air Traffic Information from different sources, if it complies with AIR Lab’s Open ATM APIs.

Our objectives

Safer and Faster Innovation

Safely connected to the OPS system, the ATM Twin allows users to easily implement their prototypes on a high-fidelity ATM replica.

Optimized Operations

The ATM Twin empowers operators with simulation and what-if capabilities based on a real ATM core, for smarter decisions in day-to-day operations.

Green Innovation

The ATM Twin enables for the secure implementation of powerful Green Aviation operations. Validated CDO trajectories are then displayed on the ATM Twin HMI and expected CO2 savings are calculated.

Lower Training Costs

No need for full capacity on-prem training rooms and data centres anymore. The ATM Twin leverages Machine Learning to assess training performance and provide feedback.

AIR Lab Brochure

Download the ATM Twin Brochure