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Mr. Heng Swee Keat visit to the AIR Lab

Had an informative visit to the Aviation Innovation Research (AIR) Lab earlier this week. Jointly established by Thales and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in 2019… Read post on Linkedin

National Research Foundation Singapore

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, and Chairman of NRF visited the Aviation Innovation Research (AIR) Lab today… Read post on Linkedin

IFATCA welcomes Thales to the IFATCA 63rd Annual Conference

IFATCA welcomes Thales to the IFATCA 63rd Annual Conference as an Industry Partner. Thank you very much Anna Celma , Warren Beeston and Chris Lee for… Read post on Linkedin

French Chamber of Commerce at the AIR Lab

Our sincere thank you to Herve Moalic, Director of AIR Lab, Chris Lee, Strategic and Ecosystem Partnerships at AIR Lab; François Balland, Deputy, CPO at AIR Lab… Read post on Linkedin

What we Do

We leverage advanced and open innovation to create the next generation of ATM Technologies, including the world’s first Air Traffic Management Digital Twin.

What is Air Traffic management (ATM)?

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We Aim To Virtually Mirror The Entire ATM Ecosystem

Anchored by international ATM experts, we bring together multiple stakeholders in the ATM value chain – from air traffic controllers to AI experts, to software engineers and local start-ups – creating a veritable ‘sandbox’ where the team can experiment and co-create the future ATM technologies.

The team adopts an agile ‘test-and-learn’ methodology, working in short sprints that enables Minimum Viable Products to be developed in a shorter timeframe.

World's first ATM Twin

The ATM Twin is designed as an enabler to help the Air Traffic Management industry innovate quickly and safely. By virtually mirroring an entire ATM system, Air Traffic Controllers can engage in what-if possibilities and optimize their workflow. Thanks to our Open ATM Architecture, the ATM Twin is able to display Air Traffic Information from different sources, if it complies with AIR Lab's open ATM APIs.

Open ATM Architecture
The skies are becoming increasingly congested and technology is advancing at a rapid rate, faster than ever before. With an Open ATM architecture, data from multiple stakeholders including airlines and airports whose wealth of data related to passengers, flight trajectories and flight planning can be seamlessly integrated, benefiting the entire ATM ecosystem – ultimately making the skies smarter, safer, more connected and more secure.
Enhancing ATM Using AI/ML​
Enabling controllers with decision support and greater automation in their operations, with a range of Proofs of Concepts. Machine Learning is used to generate services that will provide Air Traffic Controllers assistance in complex and busy environments, while maintaining the utmost levels of safety and efficiency. We also touch on topics such as cybersecurity and sustainability in air traffic control to identify future solutions that address environmental concerns (e.g. CO2 emissions reduction)

By using CDO, controllers maximise the extent of idle operations to reduce aircraft emissions during the approach phase, reduce the number of clearances for controllers and ease radio communications. 

Based on advanced technologies, AIR Lab's Continuous Descent Operation provides advisories to inform controllers of CDO-eligible flights at the right time and provide them with the most accurate clearance for descent.

AIR Lab Is Where The Team Can Experiment And Co-Create The Future ATM Technologies.

We grow and deepen local ATM expertise through co-development activities with our international experts. Through these activities, we hope to build and retain the ATM know-how capabilities through mentorship and on-the-job training.

Our Partners

Our Team

AIR Lab is a joint collaboration consisting of the following personnel from CAAS and THALES. 


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