About us

CAAS and Thales established AIR Lab

September 2019 on the sidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Innovation Fair in Montreal CAAS and Thales signed a follow-up agreement at the Word ATM Congress in Madrid to establish a joint lab, focusing on the development of an Open ATM system architecture. September 23rd 2019 marked the inception of AIR Lab.


AIR Lab debuts : Open ATM

Established for an initial period of 3 years, AIR Lab is co-located with Thales’ Digital Factory to draw synergies between the two facilities. The Open ATM Platform is developed, as a foundation for future Proofs Of Concepts.


developing the world's first ATM Twin

In view of developing the world's first ATM Twin, the AIR Lab grows from 1 to 4 squads in 2021, based on the previous success of the Open ATM platform. Further Proofs of Concepts are explored, such as the Digital ATCO and Green Aviation.


Focusing on Green ATM

Leveraging Open Architecture and Artificial Intelligence, AIR Lab develops its Green Aviation Proof of Concept. Live trials are conducted in late 2022, helping controllers identify eligible Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) into Changi airport for lower emissions.