Starburst Aerospace Announces Demo Day for its Singapore Aviation Accelerator

Singapore is well positioned as the premier Asian Aviation Hub to promote innovation and accelerate the growth of startups in the region towards commercialization


Starburst, the world’s first and only global aerospace and defense accelerator, hosted yesterday its Singapore Aviation Accelerator‘s first demonstration with its inaugural cohort of startups. The demo day served as a platform for the startups, whose technologies span across green aviation, digitalization, safety and sustainability, to showcase their far-reaching capabilities and immense value to Singapore’s Aviation ecosystem. 

The Singapore Aviation Accelerator demo day is Starburst\’s latest investment in its global expansion plans, and will be a catalyst in its efforts to accelerate the growth of startups in Asia through the commercialization and implementation of their technology with respective stakeholders. Starburst is championing innovation in Singapore through the Singapore Aviation Accelerator and the program aims to create a vibrant innovation ecosystem for the local community, creating good job opportunities for professional and young talents. Starburst partnered with Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Airlines, SIA Engineering Company, SATS, AIRLab (Innovation center setup between Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Thales) and Panasonic Avionics to jointly launch the Singapore Aviation Accelerator earlier this year and is proud to present its first cohort of startups.

Starburst worked diligently with these companies in preparation for the showcase, which allowed them to reveal their unique capabilities in providing viable solutions that meet the strict operational requirements of Starburst’s corporate partners. Following the demo day, Starburst will continue to work with these startups to make connections with corporate partners and help them move towards the commercialization of their technology while expanding internationally through Starburst’s global late-stage accelerator program.

Startups, investors, corporates, IHLs and government agencies utilized the demo day to connect and exchange ideas for potential collaboration opportunities in the air transport sector. Starburst is actively engaging various stakeholders that are providing fresh perspectives and innovation in the air transport sector, such as academic professionals and students from the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) for example Nanyang Technological University, Temasek Polytechnic and ITE Central. 

Mr. Law Chung Ming, Executive Director for Transport and Logistics, Enterprise Singapore said, “The innovative solutions showcased by local and global startups at the Demo Day will support the long-term sustainable growth of our aviation ecosystem.  Startups would be able to leverage Enterprise Singapore’s network of partners and local talents to test-bed and bring to market new solutions expeditiously.  We look forward to partnering Starburst to grow the aviation industry in the new business environment.

Mr. George Wang, Senior Vice President Information Technology, Singapore Airlines said, “It is exciting to see many promising startups taking part in the Singapore Aviation Accelerator, and bringing new and innovative solutions to strengthen Singapore’s position as a global air hub. Singapore Airlines is glad to be one of the contributing partners that have helped to make the inaugural run a successful one, and we look forward to seeing more ideas come forth in future runs of the program, with more startups to partner with to explore new digital frontiers.”

Mr. David So, Senior Vice President for Transformation and Technology, SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) said, “We are happy to partake in the inaugural Singapore Aviation Accelerator. It has been exciting to plug into Starburst’s network of innovative start-ups and getting quality innovative proposals that could enhance the quality and safety of SIAEC’s operations and training.”

“The accelerator program has provided us with the opportunity to work closely with like-minded startups in co-innovating in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain. Startups were able to tap on AIR Lab’s public APIs to provide potential value-added services for ATM by working on suitable proof-of-concept use cases. And more importantly, such programs would support our ambition in strengthening the solution and talent pipeline in the local ATM ecosystem” said Chris Lee, Deputy Director of AIR Lab.

In line with our desire to accelerate digital transformation, Starburst provides SATS with a platform to reach out to a wider group of tech start-ups to collaborate on unique solutions for the aviation industry,” said Donald Lum, Senior Vice President for Technology Innovation Centre, SATS.

“We are very proud of our inaugural cohort of startups within the Singapore Aviation Accelerator and the high-quality solutions they are bringing to market and to our enthusiastic corporate partners,” said Julius Yeo, Director of Starburst Asia. “We’ve seen a greater acceptance and push towards working with startups in the air transport sector and we look forward to connecting additional startups with our corporate partners to jointly build a more innovative ecosystem in Singapore and Asia.”

Starburst is always open to working with promising and interesting startups in the aviation, air transport, and aerospace for its next cohort. Sustainability and digitalization are key themes that Starburst continues to place value on for future cohorts. Given the unprecedented unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations within the air transport sector are especially eager to adopt innovative solutions by working with startups to eliminate uncertainty.

To find out more about the Singapore Aviation Accelerator or apply to be a part of a future cohort with Starburst, please connect with the team at 

About Starburst

Starburst is an innovation catalyst in the aerospace and defense industry. It is the first and only global aerospace and defense accelerator, connecting industry and government with startups while providing strategic innovation and growth consulting for all. With offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, London, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai, Madrid, and Tel Aviv the team has built an ecosystem of key players in the aerospace and defense industry as well as 6000+ startups. Every year Starburst hosts numerous international and national events bringing together entrepreneurs in aviation, space and defense putting innovation under the spotlight. Starburst supports its clients to acquire and maintain leadership in new markets and identify and fend off disruptive threats. Starburst invests in leading aerospace and defense innovators. Visit

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